Iggy Azalea is just getting over her breakup with longtime boyfriend Nick Young, and now she has more financial issues to deal with as well. Financial issues totaling over a quarter million dollars.

According to TMZ, the Aussie rapper owes Uncle Sam $269,980.20 in taxes from 2015. That's no chump change.

This is the second time this year the "Fancy" rapper has heard from the IRS involving unpaid taxes. Back in April she was hit with a $391,000 tax lien on monies earned in 2014. It might be time to find a new accountant.

Rappers somehow not paying their taxes is nothing new, but it is still a head-scratcher every time it happens.

Iggy is currently working on her official sophomore album Digital Distortion, which has suffered from a number of setbacks. She originally hoped to have the album out at the end of last year. She has since put out two singles "Azillion" and "Team," neither of which has gained any traction in the urban market, where her hit single "Fancy" enjoyed success in 2014. The new project is now slated to be put out in August.

In June, it was announced that she would be joining the cast of X Factor: Australia as a judge along with Guy Sebastian and Adam Lambert for the eighth season.

Now that her and Swaggy P have broken up, Iggy is single and ready to mingle.

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