Fresh on the hip-hop scene, Icy Narco is prepared for the masses with his first XXL exclusive premiere for the new track “OtherSide.”

Clocking in under three minutes, the Miami native delivers sing-song raps over airy, pulsating production from frequent collaborator and fellow hometown native Z3N. “I’m on a roll, Adderall/She tryna seduce me, but I’m on the road/Dark hair, too much hurt her soul/The voices in my head say what I do not know," he raps.

“OtherSide” was inspired by one of his first studio sessions with Jimmy Duval in Los Angeles. The two recorded a few tracks at a home in the Hills where hard rock band Guns N’ Roses recorded their first LP. “It really made me feel like I was on the ‘OtherSide,'" the 20-year-old rapper tells XXL. “I remember feeling such a way and it just came out in the booth while I was freestyling."

In XXL's The Break, Icy Narco revealed his first-ever, unreleased track, “Legend,” was recorded at the home as well. He remembered it being "a fuckin’ legendary vibe."

Narco is currently selecting which of his 150-plus tracks will make the cut for his forthcoming debut, Frozen Fable, to be released via 10K Projects, home to Trippie Redd. “I have more singles on the way with insane visuals with some of the craziest directors,” he reveals. “I just have too much music, no cap. So right now I’m just running through my favorite tracks and really curating and touching on all the tracks that will make my album. I’m excited!”

Listen to Icy Narco's new song “OtherSide” below.

TenThousand Projects, LLC
TenThousand Projects, LLC

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