Ice-T is not a fan of conservative journalist Katie Hopkins—that's something he made abundantly clear in a series of tweets today (Aug. 16). After Hopkins said in an interview that Idris Elba could not play James Bond because he's Black, Ice-T fired off a simple response summing up his feelings about her statement.

"This bitch sounds stupid...," the rapper-turned-grandfather wrote in a tweet that his since garnered more than 12,000 retweets. As his followers responded in the comments, one person wrote that Hopkins is a "putrid fuckmaggot." Ice quoted that tweet and wrote, "Well... Now THAT'S a creative use of words."

Katie Hopkins apparently caught wind of Ice's tweet, as she retweeted it thanking him for listening to the interview using his birth name, Tracy Lauren Marrow, and writing, "Ice T my ass."

"Lol the Ho replied! Eat a dick," Ice said in response. Ice-T is no stranger to beef, but this is definitely one of his more entertaining ones.

Hopkins' comments about Idris Elba came in the wake of rumors that he's slated to replace Daniel Craig as James Bond in the franchise's future films. Hopkins apparently took issue with that, saying that he couldn't play the part because it was written for a White actor.

“No Idris Elba, you cannot be James Bond. You will not be 007, no matter how many tweets you put out saying ‘I’m Elba, Idris Elba.’ It’s not because you’re a gentleman of color. It’s because James Bond isn’t. He’s written as an upper-class, arrogant white,” she said.

“Must we perpetually crowbar-in gender and color in where it doesn’t fit?” she added later on.

Ironically, Ice-T's lyrics about freedom of speech have had some buzz recently. A Florida official quoted the title of Ice's album The Iceberg/Freedom of Speech... Just Watch What You Say! while resigning from their position after getting in a heated argument with a Trump supporter on Facebook.

To be fair, Ice isn't exactly saying Hopkins shouldn't have the right to her opinion... but watch what you say unless you want to get called out on Twitter.

Read Ice T's tweets below.

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