As allegations of sexual assault continue to shake up Hollywood, rappers Iamsu! and Jay Ant have now been hit with claims against them.

In a Google Doc that began circulating on Thursday (Nov. 9), an anonymous author claims Iamsu! raped her and Jay Ant sexually assaulted her. According to the letter, the alleged incident took place in August 2013 in Las Vegas during an event at the Magic fashion convention.

While hanging out with Iamsu! and Ant – who she claims she has known since the seventh grade – the woman says Iamsu! tore off her clothes and pushed her into a shower where he tried to corner her.

"In front of everyone [Iamsu!] had pulled off my tube top, pulled down my pants and pushed me in the shower where he tried to corner me," she wrote. "I was sitting there like whaatt the fuck is this real? Does he not see the people in here? Do they really not see him doing this to someone who is saying NO? At that moment I was really afraid for my safety , I knew I had to get the fuck out of there.I got out flashed and put my clothes back on."

After trying to make an escape, the woman claims Su followed her and attack her again. "I remember me saying No and him still proceeding to push and pull on me ripping off my tube top once again, lifting me up onto the bed as I tried to push him off me and he pulled down my pants," she continued. "I knew I was powerless. At this point I’m trying to fight back with him with all my drunk strength but honestly someone who’s 5’3 has no leverage to a man who’s larger than 6 feet tall that thinks they have a right to use someone's body just because he’s a rapper."

The woman says she then remembers waking up at random times and seeing different things happening to her. At one point, she claims to have regained consciousness and saw Jay Ant "violating me in front of a group of men."

After waking up at 8 a.m. the next morning, the women says she left her room and a friend texted her: "Are you okay? I over heard Jay and Su freaking out saying that they felt they raped you?"

Two years later, the women claims she ran into Iamsu! at a Wingstop restaurant and asked him for his phone number. After calling him and accusing him of assaulting her, the rapper brushed it off and said, "Do you know how many girls have said I raped them."

In a statement to Faderboth Iamsu! and Ant denied the allegations. "All her statements are untrue," says Su, while Ant writes, "I've never had any kind of sexual interaction with her. I've never had sex with her PERIOD. However, I am praying for her."

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