IAmSu! is back with another banger on his hands in his latest music video for his fan favorite song “6 Speed Wins.” The Heartbreak Gang member who dropped the hit “Back 2 Basics” in September delivers on the trap beat with his catchy lyrics fans know him for.

The single, produced by CaliBaset, is a classic coming of age tale. IAmSu! manages to tell us the story of his rise to fame along with the struggles he faced, while also reminding us that this is only the beginning. He spits powerful lines such as “In the burbs with street knowledge/Respect is a check is by any measure, we runnin' that check up/Big cheese on me, foreign keys, now I got leverage.” While the lyrics are relatable, the beat also serves its purpose of producing a head-bobbing vibe.

In the video, IAmSu! paints a visual picture with his commanding demeanor and flashy whips. While the California rapper isn’t dripping in lavish jewels or surrounded by women in the video, he shows off his trendy style with an orange Kappa zip-up jacket. Like most of his videos, IAmSu! is accompanied by a sole crew member and his lyrics.

IAmSu! has been extremely busy this year, dropping four new mixtapes from his Boss Up series. We’re looking forward to what the Bay Area native will come out with in 2018.

Watch the high-energy music video for “6 Speed Wins” below.

Tatiana Pile

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