Hurricane Chris is putting his beef with Kodak Black on wax. The Shreveport, La. rapper fires off some lyrical shots at Kodak via a new diss track called "Don't Play With Me." Chris lets it be known that his warnings are not idle threats and questions Kodak's credibility.

"Talking slick, I put yo dick in the dirt/You think it's a game/No copping deuces, you disrespect me, I'm busting brains/Rappers like rapping about shit that they ain't never do/Say lil' whoadie, that's the difference between me and you/If I pull out this tool, believe me it ain't thinking no views/But I take that back, hop out with the MAC/Rat tat tat, put ya face on the news/Whoa, niggas can't see me with a rifle and a scope/Boss man, ain't got to mention I sold coke," Chris raps.

The issue between Hurricane Chris and Kodak all started when Chris jumped to the defense of Lil Wayne by releasing a video taking aim at the "Skrt" rapper. Kodak recently challenged Weezy to a fight, but got pushback from Chris instead.

"Wayne, Weezy, Tunechi, whatever you wanna call him, you wanna fuck with him, you wanna fuck with me," Chris said. "That’s how I’m coming. 51/50. You play with my people and I’ma break your jaw. It’s going down just like that. And you know who I’m talking to.”

Kodak responded a few days later by trolling Hurricane Chris on social media. The young rapper posted a video of himself shouting "A Bay Bay" -- the title and hook of Chris' 2007 hit single -- in a hot tub.

"Don't Play With Me," produced by DubMagic RDE, will likely appear on Hurricane Chris' new album, King Cane, dropping March 7.

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