Hoodrich Pablo Juan is no stranger to linking up with other artists—having previously worked with Gucci Mane, Danny Wolf and Kap G. Now, the Atlanta rapper's latest collaboration finds him teaming up with French electronic DJ Brodinski on The Matrix EP.

The seven-track project combines Brodinski's electronic sounds with the "Money on Fleek" rapper's signature style. Produced entirely by the French DJ, The Matrix features one guest appearance from Lil Dude on the song "Thug Life."

"Yeah, nigga, thug life like I'm 2Pac/I'm strapped like a soldier in my Reeboks/Too many drugs, I need me a detox/One in the head, no safety, got to de-cock," Hoodrich raps over Brodinski's electronic beat on the track.

The EP is Hoodrich Pablo's second project of 2018, following the January release of the Rich Hood mixtape. Checking in at 14 songs, the tape includes features from Lil Yachty, Lil Baby, Yung Mal, Lil Jay Brown, Key Glock, Hoodrich Hect, Lil Marlo and more.

XXL caught up with Hoodrich Pablo Juan in 2017, who revealed to us his goal in hip-hop. "My first main goal, I want to just make enough money to provide for everybody around me who's hard-working," he said. "I want to be able to provide jobs, and it's not about buying everything you want, but it's about living secure where you know you don't have to worry about things as much."

Listen to The Matrix and check out the tracklist below.

Hoodrich Pablo Juan and Brodinski's The Matrix EP Tracklist

1. "The Matrix"
2. "Money"
3. "Graveyard Shift"
4. "I'm the One"
5. "International"
6. "Thug Life" featuring Lil Dude
7. "Get Lit"

BROYAL / Mony Powr Rspt / EMPIRE
BROYAL / Mony Powr Rspt / EMPIRE

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