HoneyKomb Brazy is headed to trial for his gun possession arrest in December of 2023.

HoneyKomb Brazy Faces Trial for Gun Possession Arrest

According to a WKRG.com report, published last Saturday (Dec. 30), HoneyKomb Brazy, along with two men, will be facing a federal trial regarding his arrest for gun possession in Alabama.

The news channel reported that HoneyKomb, born Nashon Terral Itez Jones, along with Mason Demetrius Fuller and Miguel Wayne Hall were in possession of guns, which violated federal law as convicted felons are forbidden to possess firearms.

The three men were allegedly in possession of two firearms when they were pulled over on a traffic stop on Dec. 18. They were arrested and then booked into the Mobile County Metro Jail in Alabama.

The men have been moved from the jail, but their whereabouts are unknown. However, an MCSO spokesperson told WKRG that HoneyKomb was transferred to another facility because "he was causing too much disruption” at Mobile County Metro Jail.

Meanwhile, HoneyKomb appeared at an Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles hearing on Friday (Jan. 5) to hear proceedings to revoke his early release from prison based on his new criminal charge. The Paroles hearing officer did not make a final decision.

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HoneyKomb Brazy's Attorney Says His Client Is Ready to Fight His Federal Gun Charge

HoneyKomb Brazy's attorney, Donald Briskman, told Fox10tv.com that his client is ready to fight his federal gun case.

"We look forward to [it]," he told the news outlet. "We think we have a very strong defense."

Briskman said that HoneyKomb was not in possession of the guns during the arrest, but rather the two men were handling the firearms as part of his security detail. He explained that HoneyKomb had been the target of death threats and violence since his grandparents died in a drive-by shooting and house fire in 2021.

"He didn’t possess firearms. He didn’t use drugs," Briskman added.

The criminal complaint alleges that deputies found a Girsan 9mm pistol near where Fuller was sitting and a Smith & Wesson AR pistol under the third-row seat near where HoneyKomb and Hall were sitting. The Mobile, Ala. rhymer and his associates were also allegedly riding around with Promethazine, the prescription narcotic commonly referred to as lean, as well as marijuana, according to the court documents.

The embattled rapper has another court date set for Jan. 16.

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Watch a local news report on HoneyKomb Brazy's ongoing legal troubles below.

Watch Fox 10 News Report on Mobile Rapper HoneyKomb Brazy's Parole Revocation Hearing and Impending Federal Gun Trial

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