"Dirty soda in a styrofoam!" This week marks a holiday of sorts for college basketball enthusiasts, sports fanatics and infrequent gamblers alike as the NCAA March Madness Tournament gets underway on Thursday (March 16). Quicker than Chris Brown can hit a front flip, analysts are lending advice, as company printers produce brackets and office pencils scribble names in and out of margins.

Hoops, and collegiate hoops at that, has likewise made its mark on hip-hop, moments like Jordan hitting the game-winner in the 1982 NCAA Championship providing an everlasting image. "Top drop in East Atlanta and it's painted North Carolina blue," Gucci Mane raps on "Jordan Diddy."

While players come and go every few years, coaches have had decades to make their mark. "I'll do you right like Bobby Knight," the Beasties spit on "Alright Hear This." "With my hair slicked back, I look like Rick Pitino," Action Bronson raps on Chance The Rapper's "NaNa," sideline style the equivalent to a strong onstage look. Smoke DZA on last December's "Milestone" with Pete Rock: "Wild cat, shoulda been coached by Callipari."

Then there's Future's "March Madness," a theme song for this time of year and beyond. As Final Fours are picked, and a champion is found — the first round starting today when Notre Dame takes on Princeton at 12:15 p.m. — turn up the 56 Nights classic and peep additional college basketball references up top. Regardless of any rooting interest, the NCAA Tournament provides for high drama which goes into rhymes thereafter.

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