As President Obama delivered his last State of the Union address last night (Jan. 12) the hip-hop community that embraced him over the past eight years of his presidency were very vocal on social media. The hashtag #SOTU trended nationally preceding the event and long after Obama's his hour-long speech, rappers and hip-hop personalities chimed in with quotes, comments and of course, the occasional GIF.

Though he's been criticized over the years, many in hip-hop have stood by Obama and his initiatives. The president has always stayed in tune with rap culture and welcomed many rappers into the White House during his terms from Big Sean to Wale to most recently Kendrick Lamar. Before last night's address, Wale became the first rapper to open for the State of the Union, performing a medley of his hits, “Chillin’” and “LoveHate Thing.”

Mentioning the strides he's made for the country during his speech, the president touched on topics of gun control, higher education, healthcare and foreign policy but left out other touchy subjects such as reproductive rights. Overall, Obama rattled of a laundry list of accomplishments and Twitter watched in awe of their last look at the first black president. Like many other millions of Americans, rappers Talib Kweli, Chuck D and Fabolous tweeted their responses to Obama's last words.

Take a look at what many in the hip-hop world had to say about President Obama's address.

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