Endorsement deals seem to be a winning situation for all involved. Brands get to advertise on a larger scale, fans feel like they are getting a piece of their idol by buying the product, and artist get multiple figure pay checks. However, sometimes the relationship between the artist and the brand can go sour. The values of the brand and the artists are now seen as mutual, as if one party stirs controversy, the partnership soon ends.

Recently, Jay Z has been called to end his partnership with Barneys New York due to the multiple racial profiling incidents customers have had with the store. After issuing a statement saying that he wasn’t going to make a premature decision, Jay Z has yet to end the relationship. Barneys issued an apology for the racial profiling incidents. Since this partnership hasn’t ended it has left a bad taste in many people’s mouth.

While Jay Z and Barneys endorsement deal hasn’t ended, companies have dropped many members of the hip-hop community due to controversial lyrics, images, and arrests. Here are some of the most infamous endorsement deals that have abruptly ended. -Ariana LaBarrie

2013: Rick Ross - Reebok

Rick Ross stirred up trouble with his verse on the “U.O.E.N.O” remix with the line “Put Molly in her champagne, she ain’t even know it/I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain't even know it” Women’s groups protested the company, saying that Rick Ross was promoting date rape. After fall out from Ross' public apology that people found unsatisfactory, Rick Ross was dropped from the company.

2013: Lil' Wayne vs. Mountain Dew

Lil Wayne is known for his aggressive lyrics, but people thought he went too far with his line from Future’s “Karate Chop” remix, "beat the pussy up like Emmitt Till". After outcry from the public and the Till family, PepsiCo discontinued their partnership with Lil Wayne, stating: “his offensive reference to a revered civil rights icon does not reflect the values of our brand."

2013: Tyler, The Creator - Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew pulled an advertisement directed by Odd Future’s Tyler, the Creator after it was criticized for perpetuating racial stereotypes. Political analyst Dr. Boyce Watkins stated that it was 'Arguably the Most Racist Commercial in History.' Tyler spoke out, blaming the generation gap between Dr. Watkins and the target audience for him not understanding the humor in the commercial.

2002: Ludacris - Pepsi

Pepsi employed Ludacris as an endorser in order to reach a younger, more urban demographic. However, after Bill O’Riley called for a boycott of the soft drink company because he deemed Ludacris’ lyrics to be “sexist” and “violent,” Pepsi severed ties with Ludacris. Ludacris spoke about the issue on his single, “Number One Spot,” citing O’Riley’s sexual harassment issues.

2009: Chris Brown - Wrigley's Gum, Got Milk?

After his assault incident with Rihanna on Grammy night, Chris Brown lost his family-friendly image. He was quickly dropped by both Wrigley’s Gum, who had been using his face and his song “Forever” in advertisements, and Got Milk? who dropped him from their popular "Milk Mustache" campaign.

2007: T.I. - General Motors, 2010: Remy Martin, Axe Body Spray

T.I. has lost multiple endorsement deals due to his various run-ins with the law. After being arrested on serious gun charges in 2007, he was unceremoniously dropped by General Motors in response to the controversy. In another incident involving T.I., he was dropped from both Axe Body Spray and Remy Martin because of his arrest for drug possession.

2007: Akon -Verizon

Verizon ended their contract with Akon after he dry-humped a 14 year old girl during a concert. Verizon also pulled out of sponsoring Gwen Stefani’s tour, the tour that Akon was the opening act for.