Heron Preston, one of the founding members of Been Trill, took to his Instagram earlier today to speak on the latest track from A$AP Rocky.

Pretty Flacko dropped his new visual and record "Multiply" late last night, which included a verse that Rocky used at this year's Coachella. In one of the lines from that verse, Flacko takes shots at Been Trill for not giving the A$AP member the props he feels he deserves.

Now that the song has plenty of people talking, from the hip-hop fanatics to streetwear enthusiasts, Preston went on Instagram to provide his thoughts on "Multiply." The well-known designer wrote a lengthy caption on his IG about the power of fashion in music today, while also stating that Rocky's latest song and video is "good." Check out Preston's full comments below.

"What happened to rapper on rapper beef? the days of biggie vs tupac & jay z vs nas are over. Remember how Nas's "Ether" or Tupac "Hit Em Up" made you feel? Remember what that meant for rap music? The fact that a rapper dissed a clothing company is a huge sign of the times. does that mean rap is boring? has rap lost it's edge? Today, power in music is style. power is fashion. Let's keep this shit shocking and competitive! this is how you push things forward. and the song/video is good. let's continue to shake shit up! our culture needs it."

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