Today, July 15, is the birthday of New York hip-hop vet Jim Jones, who now turns 42.

Born Joseph Guillermo Jones II, Jim Jones has made quite a name for himself as both a founding and prominent member of Dipset and as a solo artist. The Harlem rapper has supplied the streets and airways with several hits over the years including "We Fly High," "Summer Wit Miami" and "Crunk Muzik". Nowadays, it's practically impossible for someone to use the word "ballin" without thinking of him. Jones, who also frequents the nicknames CAPO and Jimmy, has always embraced his hustler mentality by dabbling in different markets. With titles like fashion designer, actor, video director and sports manager under his belt, Jones is a modern day Harlem renaissance man.

In 2018, Jimmy dropped off his Wasted Talent album, which marked his first LP since 2011. Some 20 years into his rap career, Capo is still as hungry as ever. Salute.

Happy Birthday, Jimmy!

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