Today, Oct. 13, marks the birthday of Texas rapper-singer Chalie Boy, who now turns 39.

Born Charles Williams in Calvert, Texas in 1979, Chalie jumped into music from an early age, joining his church choir and singing his heart out. As he grew older, he started listening to Texas acts like UGK and Scarface before eventually deciding to become a rapper himself.

In the early 2000s, Chalie Boy liked up with Lil' Sho, Tite, Das Ryno, Sir Coop, Big Redd, Big Ake and Bubba Luv to form Freestyle Kingz, a group with which Chalie would drop numerous projects with during that period of time. In 2004, he dropped off his well-received Makin' My Way mixtape, before unleashing his follow-up project, Versatyle Child, in 2006.

While Chalie Boy had established a solid career by the time he released his first two solo projects, he'd have his first major breakout in 2009. That was the year he unloaded "I Look Good," a single that gained him the most attention he'd ever received up to that point. In September of that year, he signed with Jive and Battery records.

In the years since, Chalie Boy has remained a fixture of the Texas rap scenes, dropping off numerous projects. His most recent release is The Return of the Versatyle Child, which he dropped off just yesterday. Nearly 20 years in the game and Chalie Boy is still going strong. Salute.

Happy Birthday, Chalie Boy!

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