Today, Oct. 27, marks the birthday of Casanova, a Brooklyn rapper who now turns 32.

Known for his aggressive delivery and gritty, street-oriented lyrics, Casanova has actually spent more time behind bars than he has writing them. Before jumping into rap seriously nearly three years ago, Cas served three separate prison sentences. These experiences made him an artist who can transport listeners to the heart of the trenches.

“I could take you to Comstock yard, I could take you to Elmira yard, I could take you to being in the hole for 32 months and getting your tray kicked to you, I could take you to being happy that I’m home with my kids, I could take you to getting money, I could take you to robbing, I could take you to selling drugs. I could take you wherever,” Cas told XXL for The Break. “And real life stories. It’s not made up.”

Casanova jumped into rapping for the first time when he recorded his breakout single, “Don’t Run,” in 2016. The track was a well-received one, and soon after it was released Cas had himself a deal with Roc Nation. Cas has only built upon his buzz since.

In March 2017, Casanova dropped off his debut mixtape, Be Safe Tho. Later that year, he joined Chris Brown for the singer’s Party Tour. In 2018, Cas has kept up the momentum, teaming for tracks with 50 Cent, 6ix9ine, Uncle Murda, Chris Brown and more. This past June, he dropped off his Commissary EP.

Happy Birthday, Casanova!

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