Today, Sept. 3, is the birthday of New Orleans rapper and original Hot Boy Baby Gangsta, also known as B.G. The rapper now turns 38.

Coming up under Cash Money Records, B.G., Lil Wayne, Turk and Juvenile formed the Hot Boys in 1997. After Cash Money signed a distribution deal with Universal Records, B.G. dropped his major label debut, 1999's Chopper City in the Ghetto. This debut album spawned the hit single "Bling Bling," which would go on to be B.G.'s biggest single to date. B.G. released one more album under Cash Money, Checkmate (2000), before severing ties with the label over financial disputes and starting his own, Chopper City Records.

Releasing six albums on his own label, B.G. took part in a brief Hot Boys reunion in 2007. During a police stop in Louisiana in 2009, B.G. was found with three guns on him, two of which were reported stolen. On July 18, 2012, B.G. was sentenced to 14 years in a federal prison for illegal gun possession.

Happy Birthday, B.G.!

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