Today, Oct. 23, marks the birthday of Asahd Khaled, the son of rap game luminary, DJ Khaled. Asahd is now two years of age.

In his brief two years on earth, Asahd has earned a ton of fame, even by child celebrity standards. For starters, in the spring of 2017, Asahd appeared alongside his father for the spring issue of XXL Magazine. At around that same time, his pops announced that Asahd was the executive producer of his Grateful album, which would ultimately go platinum.

Naturally, people were skeptical about Asahd's designation as an executive producer. After all, he was only six months old. Speaking with XXL last year, Khaled offered some insight in to Asahd's role in the project.

"The baby been pulling it off," Khaled said at the time. "I know people say, 'Khaled, the baby’s only 6 months old.' Well, first of all, my album is called Grateful. He’s already made me make a title by his existence of him being my son. He made me name my album Grateful. And I really do have him in the studio, obviously the volume low, listening to music, his reaction to certain things...just his energy. When I look at Asahd, I look at me. I feel like, not only is he my son, he’s a prophet."

Khaled went on to say artists enjoyed being in the presence of his son.

"He’s just bringing the energy to the table," Khaled continued. "And every artist I ever work with, it’s like, 'Where’s Asahd?' They feel the energy and then when you hear their music and when you finally get the body of work on the album, you’ll hear some of Asahd’s influence in there. Like for instance, there’s a song on my album where me and another artist, we made a song about my son and his daughter. The song is also for the whole young world. It’s gonna be something special. And that’s something that Asahd made us, and obviously the artist’s daughter gave us the feeling to make this record."

With an executive producer credit to his name and an endless stream of resources, Asahd, whose name is included in the title for his dad's forthcoming album, Father of Asahd, is all set to continue doing big things. Salute to the young king!

Happy Birthday, Asahd!

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