Today, June 16, would have marked the 44th birthday of the late great 2pac Shakur. Since his untimely passing on September 13, 1996, following a drive-by shooting six days earlier in Las Vegas, the lionized figure's legacy remains immortal.

"When I die, I wanna be a living legend...," he decreed on 1996's "No More Pain" off his diamond-certified (10 million copies sold) fifth studio album All Eyez On Me. Despite the tragic circumstances, 'Pac's solidified this classic boast thanks in part to his massive yet revered catalog that continues to grow and make impact even after almost 19 years since his death. As his spirit continues to loom throughout hip-hop screaming Thug Life, XXL celebrates the life and legacy of 2Pac with a special 41-track playlist. This list is filled with tracks that every rap fan needs to know. Happy Birthday, 'Pac! Pour out a little liquor for one of the greats...—XXL Staff (@XXL)