Singer Halsey adds some hip-hop flair to her song, "Alone." Today (March 16), we get the remix of the track featuring Big Sean and U.K. spitta Stefflon Don.

The original version of the song appeared on Halsey's 2017 album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, but the updated version packs more punch. Sean glides over the big production from Josh Carter, Louis Bell and Ricky Reed, rapping about a complicated relationship.

"I'm a rare, rare individual/I'm in the physical and the metaphysical/I know you need your alone time, that's critical," Sean spits. "But I need some of you time, is that hypocritical?/Damn, you know I relate to you more than fam'/So I won't sit around and let you sink in quicksand/Look, I know you got million dollar plans/And you tryna build a brand, living life in high demand/Swerving big B's, your bag got little G's/Gucci down to the socks like Biggie and Lil Cease."

Steff brings up the rear, adding a foreign flow to the banger. "Stay up and have me all night on the rack/You know we say me have the wickedest talk," she rhymes in an accented tongue. "You always tell me say, me full of attitude/And you don't like mi friend 'cause she rude."

Speaking of alone, earlier this week, rumors started circulating that Big Sean and Jhene Aiko had parted ways after the rapper was discovered cheating. They both quickly shut down the speculation on social media.

Listen to Halsey's "Alone (Remix)" featuring Big Sean and Stefflon Don below.

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