Last year, 22-year-old rapper Half-Empty made headlines nationwide when he finally met 81-year-old Florida resident Roz, with whom he developed a friendship after months of playing the Words With Friends app. Now the up-and-coming rapper from Maryland, who moved to Harlem, N.Y. just a few months ago, has a new song and video by the name of "All N All."

The visual is full of street shots, tinted skies and a relationship that may not be going perfectly. When it comes to the song, he also produced the track, under the moniker High Class Filth.

The Ande-directed video features Half-Empty on what seems like a New York City street, under a pink sky. The amazing camera work slowly zooms in on Half as he raps. At first the video seems to be solely about the rapper, but shots of him laying in bed with a woman start to appear. It doesn't seem like things are all that romantic, almost devoid of emotion.

On the track, Half-Empty raps about the nonbelievers. "I want this to take off just for those who doubted/Way before the fade, dog, I knew I was ’bout it," he rhymes, showing he never lost faith in himself. "I know I can break you off, and that's just if you want some/Did it all up in my room. I did it by my lonesome."

A part of the song's hook reveals why the scenes with the girl don't look so happy. "All 'n' all no regrets, no regrets/She was nice, but I just use her for the sex (yeah)," he sings, admitting that it's just physical for him. He continues, relaying more details about their arrangement: "We get high as fuck before we get to sex (yeah)/And all along, I was thinking bout my ex (yeah)."

In December of 2017, Half-Empty first became known on a national scale due to his heartwarming news story involving Roz and the mobile game Words With Friends. He ended up becoming friends with his frequent challenger, playing over 300 games together. They became close, culminating in Half flying out to her retirement community to meet.

Watch Half-Empty's "All N All" video below.

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