Fresh off his long-awaited, long-delayed Def Jam debut, Living Legend, Gunplay stopped by The Breakfast Club to chop it up about life, love and the pursuit of bigger advances. But of course, the Maybach Music Group affiliate can't go anywhere right now without being asked about the beef between his label mate Meek Mill and the newly bearded Aubrey "Drake" Graham. When asked why the whole crew hasn't responded to Drake's disses, Gunplay said, "We a different kind of breed, we a different kind of label." He elaborated: "We're not gonna rap that shit. We're gonna come see you. Y'all know me. I ain't finna sit there and tongue-wrestle with no motherfucker, man. I'm finna go see about you." When pressed, he added, "You not gonna try to slander me or pick my character apart on a record for these motherfucking lames out here listening to a back-and-forth and making memes on a n---a."

The Florida native also talks about the strategy behind making a short album ("Peoples' attention spans these days is like a five-year-old") and the logistics behind signing a record deal while on the run from the law. He also reveals that Living Legend was a title Ross suggested over the phone while Gunplay was posted up in the bathroom. Ever the caring figure, he calls single moms the true living legends and says, "I'ma put my mom on every album, 'cause I took her through hell," he says. "I think she deserves some recognition, not just [me] rapping about it." In an unusual move for an artist whose appeal is staked on his street bona fides, Gunplay promises that his sophomore set will lean more toward the commercial end of the spectrum.