Between the recent release of his autobiography, the forthcoming release of his Mr. Davis album and his upcoming wedding, Gucci Mane's got a lot going for him. So it should come as no surprise that he kept it all the way cool when he was verbally attacked by anti-fur activists during a New York City Barnes & Noble book signing for The Autobiography of Gucci Mane on Tuesday (Sept. 19).

In footage obtained by TMZ, we see a man approaching the Atlanta rapper before he claims that he's heard Gucci's thinking about going vegan. A moment later, the man tells Gucci that would be pointless because he still likes to wear fur. At that point, the man pulls out a black shirt with the words, "Animal Abuser" plastered across it, and a woman who's got the same shirt steps forth as well.

"Shame on Gucci, animal abuser, shame on Gucci, animal abuser," both shouted before being escorted away from the scene by the rapper's security. According to TMZ, the man and the woman were members of New York Animal Defenders.

Through it all, Guwop, whose probation was recently ended two years early, kept it completely cool, acting as if nothing even happened. It was a pretty solid show of restraint from the self-described Trap God.

Gucci had been in and out of jail for years before his last stint in the pen. During a recent discussion with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show, the reformed star revealed the moment that made him resolve to change his ways came when he was facing up to 30 years behind bars. “It forced me to be like, ‘You know, that’s it. I’m changing my lifestyle. I’m changing my choices,'” he said. “I’ma reflect on my life and see what I did wrong.”

Watch video of Gucci Mane's reaction, or lack thereof, at his book signing below.

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