Since he went to prison in 2013, Gucci Mane has undergone an almost unbelievable transformation. So much so, that some people think he's a clone. Now that he has been enjoying the freedom and spoils of being home for a full year, the Atlanta rapper is calling the last 12 months the best period of his life.

Guwop recently chopped it up with Zane Lowe for an episode of his Beats 1 show and touched on his blissful reinstatement into society and his new Drop Top Wop project with Metro Boomin.

"This has been the best year of my life," Gucci told Zane. "It has been a hell of an experience, you know. And I just feel like the best way for me to celebrate is to celebrate with my fans that supported me all while I was gone. The fans who supported me the whole year I been back," he added about dropping the new tape on the anniversary of his release.

"You know when you sit down in a prison for three years it gives you time to think and just reflect on your whole life," Gucci added. "And I feel like my life had got so out of control because everything that I was doing to lead up to it led to that ultimate collapse. So now I feel like when I got in there I started kinda like making an effort to say 'hey listen, my life is going in a better direction.' I started doing the things that I make, that you see now come to fruition."

During Guwop and Zane's convo, the East Atlanta legend also revealed a gem about the recording process for his new project with Metro.

“Metro used to always come by my studio when he was still going to school, when he was 18, 19-years-old," remembers Gucci. "A lot of times he’d come to the studio and I’d kick it with him, but I’d never rap on his beats. And he’d be like, ‘Gucci, why you never rap on my beats?’ To see what he’s doing now, every time he pull something up it make me wanna rap, it make me wanna record. We did 12 songs in two days. The only reason we didn’t do more songs is because Metro fell asleep!”

Listen to the interview clip below.

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