GloRilla is clearing the air about her going to jail for three years for stealing cereal. Apparently, it never happened.

On Wednesday (April 5), GloRilla hopped on her Twitter account and offered clarity on a little fib she told about going to jail for three years for shoplifting cereal.

"You h**s really sat y’all ass up there & believed I went to jail for 3 years for stealing cereal & dats why you h**s hearts be in y’all ass today because y’all believe whatever a n***a tell you," the Memphis rapper tweeted.

"& dats da reason you N***as be taking care of kids dats not y’all’s till they 12 because you believe whatever a ho tell you," she added.

GloRilla comes clean about going to jail for three years for stealing cereal.

It's unclear who Glo was aiming her acidic tweets at, however, she seemed upset that everyone thought she got sent to jail for a petty crime such as stealing cereal.

But the story actually came from the "Tomorrow 2" rapper herself. In May 2022, GloRilla did an interview with social media comedian Funny Marco for Breakbeat Media where she revealed that she spent three years in jail for stealing cereal from K-Mart, much to Marco's shock and disappointment. You can watch it at the 8:53 mark below.

Apparently, a staff member on Funny Marco's show uncovered the information while Google-ing her name and wanted Marco to ask her about it on the show. At the time, Big Glo was enjoying the success of her viral hit "F.N.F. (Let's Go)" and was surprised that someone leaked the information onto the internet.

Nevertheless, it appears that GloRilla was simply joking.

In the end, GloRilla wants people to put some respect on her name.

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