If you've been following the career and behavior of Kanye West over the years, then you know he's no stranger to controversy. Recently, he's been in a much different place emotionally and creatively than fans are used to seeing. From co-signing Donald Trump for president last year to changing his hair color following his hospitalization for psychiatric evaluation, fans have been worried about the super producer's state since then.

Rapper GLC, who came up with Yeezy in Chicago (both were previously members together in The Go Getters group), did a recent interview with The Chicago Morning Takeover show, where he spoke candidly on Kanye's transition through different phases in his life. Opening the conversation with a rhyme comparing Kanye's life to that of the movie Get Out, GLC addressed Yeezy's hospitalization and even revealed that he feels betrayed because of Yeezy's new blonde hair color.

"We used to laugh profusely at Sisqo hair, Dennis Rodman hair, the demolition man hair. That was a huge joke like, 'Look at this fool hair!' And now he got it. So all this time I feel betrayed," GLC told the hosts.

The rapper then talks about how much Kanye's psyche switched once his mother passed away from cosmetic surgery complications back in 2007, mentioning that Kanye's mind is like a "sponge," making it easy for him to be influenced. According to GLC, Kanye equates success to being accepted by white people.

"He equated success to being accepted by the caucasian masses. So if the caucasian people embraced him, that means he made it," GLC explained.

And GLC factors Kim Kardashian into Kanye's problems too, explaining how once 'Ye got thrown into the Kardashian family's spotlight, he started putting more "yes men" around him, and anyone else would be considered negative, including GLC, who spoke on calling him out for his behavior around paparazzi.

"I went out to Paris and I was like, 'You gotta calm this down. You got a lady and her mama want to call the paparazzi and this is how they make a living, how you screaming on the paparazzi for showing up? They done told them where y'all gonna be at. You screaming on them, that's the sign of a weak man,'" GLC recalls of his conversation with Yeezy at the time.

After the conversation between the two in Paris, GLC claims he knew he'd lost his friend and recalls shedding some tears over what road Kanye would be heading down mentally.

Since then, Kanye has been through a roller coaster of different emotions in the public, as we've seen during different tour rants, but we're hoping he's continuing to take care of himself. He's reportedly been in the mountains of Wyoming recording new music, and Pusha T has apparently been out there to help Yeezy get his groove back, though TMZ now reports Kanye's back home.

Take a listen to the interview from GLC speaking on Kanye below.

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