Ghostface Killah is being sued for illegal sampling on his sophomore album, Supreme Clientele.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, distinguished film and TV composer Jack Urbont has filed a lawsuit against the Wu-Tang Clan star, Sony Music Entertainment and the Rza’s Razor Sharp Records for sampling the “Iron Man Theme,” which Urbont wrote for 1966 animated television series, The Marvel Super Heroes.

The suit alleges that Ghost “copied verbatim” Urbont’s “Iron Man Theme” on two Supreme Clientele tracks and “fraudulently concealed” this use by failing to acknowledge Urbont’s composition in the liner notes.

Though the album was released in 2000, the complaint cites Urbont’s “recent discovery” of the illegal sampling and copyright infringement, and asks for damages dating back to the album’s initial release.

Urbont – whose credits include theme music for That ‘70s Show, Oprah, 20/20 and The View, as well as soap operas like Guiding Light, One Life to Live and General Hospital – also takes issue with Ghostface’s nickname, Tony Starks.

"Defendant Ghostface is also known for the nickname, 'Tony Starks,' which is a take-off of the name 'Tony Stark,' Iron Man's real name and true identity,” the complaint says. “In this way, Defendants' use of Urbont's 'Iron Man Theme' gives them a substantial commercial advantage by linking Ghostface to Iron Man without paying for it."

As of press time Ghost has yet to comment on the suit. —Lauren Carter

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