Charlie Sheen is the best! Sorry, Khaled. Not since Pimp C has anyone stringed together so many outrageous, yet “grandiose” quotes in such a short span. With pop culture presently obsessed with the Two and a Half Men star, it’s only a matter of days before rappers fittingly start abusing Sheen references in their music. XXL beats them to the punch by listing 10 Sheen-inspired songs we’d love to see authored by MCs who would make Charlie proud. We even swagger jacked some of the actor’s monster quotes for a few lyrical suggestions. Winning!

Title: “Win or Die”

Artist: Diddy

Concept: Puff pays homage to his old “All About the Benjamins” verse in this Vote or Die spin-off. The message is clear. He can’t stop. Won’t stop.

Sample Lyric: “Swimmin’ in women/ménages with goddesses, stay bi-winnin’.”

Title: “Tiger Blood (Adonis DNA)”

Artist: Kanye West

Concept: Over a self-produced triumphant beat, Yeezy talks that egotistical shit like only he can.

Sample Lyric: “I always have a plan, execute it perfectly/’Ye overshooting the mark, that’s an absurdity.”

Hook: “I got that Tiger Blood… Adonis DNA” (8x)

Title: “Look at Me, Duuuh”

Artist: Lil Wayne

Concept: Weezy addresses the terms of his probation and spits braggadocios lyrics in a single bound for radio play.

Sample Lyric: “Look at me I'm special, bitch, call me Charlie Wayne/ I'm special, duuuuhh/can't be processed with a normal brain/quit syrup cold turkey now I'm doin’ fine/no rehab, I made it so with the power of my mind/haters say I might relapse, bitch I bet I won’t/men lie, women lie, drug tests don’t”

Title: "Charlie Sheen"

Artist: Lil B the Based God

Concept: See "Miley Cyrus," "Ellen Degeneres" and "Justin Bieber"

Sample Lyric: "I'm Charlie Sheen (swag!) I'm Charlie Sheen (swag, swag!)”

Title: “Trolls, Fools and Amateurs”

Artist: Craig Mack

Concept: Craig Mack inexplicably resurrects Lloyd Banks’ “Beamer, Benz or Bentley” well over a year after it peaked in hope for some blog love. With his “Flava In Ya Ear” flow and Bwoy adlibs still intact, Mack plays catch up to the speedy instrumental throughout his 31 bar verse. Yes… 31!

Sample Lyric: “Sucker MCs, y’all fools, trolls and amateurs/I'll hurt you bwoy/like my nigga Jeru, I'll damage ya"

Title: "Winning"

Artist: DJ Khaled feat. Jim Jones

Concept: Khaled recruits Dipset’s capo to send yet another reminder that all he does is win. The Miami DJ plays hype man throughout the track, shouting, “winning” at the end of every single one of Jones’ lines.

Sample Lyric: “I’m a rock star, period the end (winning!)/epic behavior, period the end (winning!)”

Title: "Violent Love"

Artist: Ghostface feat. Chris Brown

Concept: With Breezy manning the hook, Ghost delivers yet another classic tumultuous love tale detailing a tragic episode eerily similar to the night Brown assaulted Rihanna.

Sample Lyric: “Women aren’t to be hit, but be hugged and caressed/but this fuckin’ bitch put a shrimp fork to my neck/she prolly stole it from the buffet and hid it in her purse/accused me of cheatin’ on her but I don’t even flirt” - Ghostface

Title: “Grandiose”

Artist: Rick Ross feat. Jay-Z

Concept: Rozay and Hov spit condescending flows about their luxurious lifestyle.

Sample Lyric: “I have no interest in your retarded opinions/
Win inside of every moment/Birthday cost a million”— Rick Ross

Title: "7-Gram Rocks"

Artist: Pusha T

Concept: Brick James lives up to his name and finally reveals why hipsters love the Clipse so much.

Sample Lyric: “I got 7-Gram Rocks/Flip them obese birds/Them white boys at my shows came here to get served”

Title: "I'm a Warlock"

Artist: The Lox

Concept: Drawing inspiration from their old moniker, the Yonkers trio warns the competition not to cross the line.

Sample Lyric: “Don’t pick a fight with a warlock, word to Charlie Sheen/It’s either love or war, ain’t no in between”— Sheek Louch