Multi-national corporations are always trying to find fun ways to get their product to spark the interest of the consumer. Co-opting rap music has proven to be a reliable tactic, particularly with the aid of cultural gatekeepers. General Electric (GE), in a partnership with Vevo, will release "Shake The Dust," a breakdancing documentary executively produced by Nas, on Dec. 24. "Shake The Dust" documents dancers from the poorest neighborhoods across the globe, and the positive social changes brought about by breakdancing.

A Reuters article/glorified press release claims that "GE want[s] to emphasize the connection between neuroscience and music, a topic the company plans to keep exploring next year," which could mean any number of sponsored documentaries on twerking, Jersey house music, or other en vogue topics. "Shake The Dust" will be GE's first attempts at cracking the profitable film and television streaming business.

Check out a trailer released last year below:


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