Gashi is back. The Brooklyn artist pulled up with a new video for "1134," a track that finds the rapper reflecting on the totality of his success. In what feels like a curious move, he includes baby goats in his brand-new visual.

“This song is about me spending my whole life chasing my dreams and now that I’m getting closer and closer to making them come true there are so many people around me saying: 'I wish I was in your position,'" he reveals. "But, they have no idea what’s on my mind and the things I deal with on a daily basis."

Why the goats? "The baby goats in the video are a statement on why society always waits for artists to die at a young age to consider them greats," Gashi offers.

In the video, which was directed by Satien "Sat" Mehta, we see Gashi standing in what looks like a white void as colorful strobe lights flash across the scene. We never really get a good, extended look at his face, and maybe that's because the video is meant to represent the way fame obscures the true identity of our favorite celebs. Then again, maybe it's just something that looks cool.

The song itself finds Gashi once again flaunting his knack for melody over an energetic track laced with bells. "Say you, say you, say you love me/I just pray that I never find somebody like me/Say you, say you, say you love me/'Cause right now, I don't even like me," he croons.

You can check out Gashi's new video for "1134" below. Also, peep his videos for "Used to Be" and "No, No, No."

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