Who delivered the best new rap album last month? If you ask the man with the No. 1 LP in the country, of course he’ll tell you he does. Game recently sat down with XXLMag.com to assess the competition in this great month of August hip-hop releases.

“I got nothing but love for Weezy,” the Compton slang banger said of Lil Wayne who dropped Tha Carter IV earlier this week. “I would break a nigga in half for Weezy. I'mma get Tha Carter IV, I'mma get Watch the Throne, [But] I feel like The R.E.D. Album will supersede everything out.”

Game’s The R.E.D. Album landed in the top spot on the Billboard Top 200 on Wednesday (August 31), selling just shy of 100,000 copies.

“It feels amazing to be back on top," Game said in a released statement. "My fans are incredibly loyal. I was able to step away from music for some much needed personal time with my family. And now that I've returned with a new album, they've come out strong to support me. I wouldn't be where I am today without my fans. Period.”

R.E.D. is Game’s third chart-topping CD. 2005’s The Documentary and 2007’s The Doctor’s Advocate were also top shottas on mainstream album chart, while 2008's LAX is the only LP in his catalog to debut at No. 2. On R.E.D. he talks about the criticism he received for his last effort.

“The only thing about LAX that made it not the dopest record, is that it’s in the class with two classic albums,” he explained. “It’s number three on the list of three."

"The Doctor’s Advocate is my best work period," he continued. "I don’t care what nobody says about The Documentary. People say The Documentary is my best album because it’s my first album. With that being said, I wasn't shooting down LAX. It wasn’t a conceptual album; the songs were kind of scattered. It wasn’t what R.E.D. is. R.E.D. is a step up from all of those.”

Game's The R.E.D. Album is in stores now.—Shaheem Reid

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