After calling out the LAPD and Club Lure, and accusing them of collaborating to use racist tactics to stop minorities from going to the club, Game has settled his dispute with the popular L.A. party destination. Yesterday, Chuck took to his Twitter account to announce the happy conclusion. "After having a long & positive meeting today with @mrtoxicdayparty & the @lasfinestonline team.... We have privately settled the matter," the tweet reads.

The Compton rapper still has a major issue with the LAPD, but clarified his earlier statements. He now pinpoints a specific division of the city's law enforcement. "2ndly it was the Hollywood division of the LAPD specifically who were threatening club owners & promoters with closing clubs if black entertainers or athletes were allowed in their clubs," he posted, followed by the hashtags, #RacismIsNotAWeapon #WeWillFightThisLegally.

As previously reported, a few days ago, Game claimed the LAPD and Lure were working together to rid the club of minorities. "LAPD is having these town hall meetings. And they don’t want minorities again….Blacks, athletes, in their clubs," said Game. "When at the end of the day, I think me and my crew alone spent maybe 250,000 grand last year in Toxic." The LAPD denies the rapper's claims.

[via HHDX]