During last night's episode of The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, Cipha Sounds, The Game and Late Show contributor Robin Thede deliberated the ethics of cultural appropriation in a comical panel discussion. Each guest shared their personal opinions on the matter, while Wilmore moderated the dialogue. For the most part the group talked about hairstyles and slang. But toward the end of the conversation, they turned to...emojis. The Game expressed that the doesn't like it when non-Black people use Black emojis.

“I don’t know what people are so upset about, they get mad at Miley Cyrus twerking,” Cipha Sounds says during the segment. “We need something else to get mad at.”

“I think it’s really ignorant when people get mad that someone cornrows their hair,” adds Game. “They saw a hairstyle they liked. Who cares who wears it first or who did it? I don’t understand that.”

When Wilmore asks The Game how he feels when white kids who grew up on his music use the word “nigga,” Game explains that he has become accustom to hearing it from the Hispanic population in L.A. "Everybody just kind of uses it," he replies.

Wilmore suggests that 100 years from now it may become a regular greeting.

“It might,” says Game.

Later in the segment, Thede and Game agree that they’re most offended when other races use Apple’s updated Black emojis.

“Don’t use a Black emoji,” he says, firmly. “That’s offensive.”—Chris Harris

Watch the exchange below: