The Game has an A.P.B. out for some guy who decided it would be a cool idea to vandalize some of the rapper's exotic whips. For some reason, we don't think the Compton MC is going to call the police if and when he locates the perpetrator. Chuck recently posted surveillance footage from his home security camera that shows a Caucasian male throwing some type of projectiles at Game's whips cracking glass in at least one vehicle. The man walks around to three cars where it appears he inflicts damage on the rides. Needless to say, Game was royally pissed and asked fans with help locating the vandal.

"So this is how the devil works... Every time in life you do something good, some negative shit happens to try & detour your focus away from the positivity," he wrote. "I'm out here giving people money everyday & while I'm gone this piece of shit right here vandalizes my property & breaks all of my cars windows while I'm gone..... If you recognize this pussy or have any info please dm me & I will do the rest..... He drives a white Audi truck, has blondish/brown curly hair & is about 6'0 tall & skinny........ & if you see this you bitch ass coward, you gone pay!"

This is a minor setback for The Game (and possibly a major ass whooping for that guy). Jayceon is working hard on the roll out of his upcoming album The Documentary 2 which drops on September 25.