G4SHI recently released his new single "24 Hours." The single follows up previous bangers "Disrespectful" and "Turn Me Down." The melodic track finds the crooner talking about his haters and how they're not on his level.

"I'm sinnin', 4 in the mornin', the windows tinted/I'm ridin', had to leave the crib 'cause the police knockin'/Can't stop me, mama had a dream that the police shot me/Who got me?/Can't trust nobody, my best friend robbed me," he raps.

Things have been going great for G4SHI this year. His breakout record "Disrespectful" has amassed over three million plays on SoundCloud. The single caught the attention of Roc Nation and the Brooklyn native eventually went on to sign a management deal with the label this past June.

He's currently gearing up for his forthcoming Stairs 2 album. The up-and-comer will be embarking on his first world tour, The Disrespectful Tour, starting Aug. 13.

Bump "24 Hours" below.

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