G Perico might be next up out of Los Angeles. The talented rapper is a throwback g-funk era, which helps him stand out in the current hip-hop landscape. G Perico's latest releases are some music videos for his songs "Finally Off Parole" and "Nothin' But Love."

The former is a lyrical showcase for G Perico as he spits some bars over Snoop Dogg's classic "Tha Shiznit." The latter is an original cut, which appears on the Cali rhymer's new album Shit Don't Stop.

G Perico has been on crazy ride this year. The wildest moment came went he was shot eight months ago and still performed at a show that night. G Perico believes he knows the shooter, but he is worried that any attempt at retaliation would jeopardize his career.

"I might have an idea," he told LA Weekly. "But it's like, shit, you gon' retaliate and go backwards? I've been working hard and it's finally starting to materialize. Another case and they'll forget about me that quickly. It'll just be like, 'Damn, another good one tricked out of position.' I can change people's lives. I can't fumble now."

That's the smart move for G Perico. He is starting to gain some national recognition, so he has bigger things to focus on now. G Perico's profile will continue to grow in the coming year.

If you are feeling "Finally Off Parole" and/or "Nothin' But Love," make sure to check out G Perico's Shit Don't Stop. The album can be streamed for free via SoundCloud or purchased on iTunes.

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