Few streets are more perilous than the slums of South Central L.A., and that's exactly where West Coast stalwart G Perico takes us in a brand new previously unreleased verse. In a video that lasts about three minutes in total, Perico spits with the perspective of a grizzled war veteran as he touches on paying his dues as a gang member and the prison time that took away a few years of his life.

In the verse Perico raps, "Ruger by my side on the floor if you come to my door/I'll be the last man standing if you challenge you gotta go/Teflon all my life boy I ain't gon' die/I been in shit before I know who ain't gon' ride."

After spitting for about a minute, Perico begins detailing the experiences that led him to write the verse. According to him, he strays away from glamorized lyrics about street life in favor of explaining his raw experiences.

"Every time I write I pretty much go to a space in my mind, just a period in time or some shit that happened in my life," he explains. "I don't really just write shit that sound tight. I'm not really hip-hop, I'm more like, street gangster shit, you know what I'm saying?[I'm] a storyteller, non-fiction, you know what I mean."

Throughout his verse, you can hear Perico use the same phrases he uses during his verse, which kind of indicates that he wasn't joking about detailing his own past experiences. You can watch and listen the rugged, but heartfelt 16 for yourself below.

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