It's a dream for many artists to be able to travel freely between the two coasts of America, whether for work or pleasure. For California emcee G Perico, he feels like he's unlocked that level of freedom in his video for "Bacc Forth."

The Patroni Films-directed video cuts back and forth between G Perico kicking it on a beach in California and his travels to Manhattan. While on the West Coast, he's dancing and having himself a great time on an empty beach. But when the video cuts to his flight and following time in the Big Apple (meetings, interviews and meet-ups with Aston Matthews and Jay Worthy), the video quality gets grainy to further differentiate his time on either coasts. The retro feel also plays into the fact that the production from Westside Webb could've fit right into most 1980's films starring Eddie Murphy.

While G Perico raps on the hook for the song about being torn between two opposing lifestyles due to the streets, the game and the world in general, visually he takes you on a short trip for the day. The title of the song could also be understood as his dedication to his hustle, as he raps, "Took so many losses, bounced back every time/Came back and leveled up, working over time/Every time I get right, run it back to the streets/Caught up with fast bitches and Europeans."

"Bacc Forth" comes off of G Perico's All Blue project from April. He also appeared in the "#CripLivesMatter" video back in April with AD and Sorry JayNari. You can watch the video for the track below.

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