G Perico dropped one of the most slept-on mixtapes of 2016 with Shit Don't Stop. Now, the Los Angeles native delivers the video for "Neva Die," a standout cut from the project.

Throughout the nearly three-minute, OJun Kwon-directed visual, G Perico reps his neighborhood by showing the viewer some of his favorite spots. The video (which can be viewed above) reflects the verses' content, as the Jheri curl-rocking artist spits about his everyday life in South Central, L.A.

In case you missed it, G Perico recently spoke about his musical beginnings with XXL in an interview for The Break.

“I grew up listening to a lot of shit. Like everything from funk to soul to Hot Boys, Jay Z, E-40, Earth, Wind & Fire, Sade, everything," Perico said. "I wake up and music would be blasting. Music found me. It was pretty early because my uncle used to fuck around with it. As early as elementary school, I always was good with English so I knew how to write real well. So, it started with poems and poetry and I started writing raps. But I never shared it with nobody because I was embarrassed [laughs]. I didn’t start really rapping until like many years later."

G Perico also discussed what he eventually wants to accomplish in the game, which is to leave a legacy. That idea is something he portrays in "Neva Die," as well.

“My goal in music is to build an audience and a legacy," Perico tells XXL. "I want be one of them muthafuckas that you can play 30 years from now and it will still sound fresh and still be tight. I want to last forever; solidify my face and my art.”

As aforementioned, you can check out G Perico's "Neva Die" video above via YouTube.

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