G Herbo revisits his Strictly 4 My Fans mixtape with a new visual for "Crazy," a track where he reflects on his past in the bleak streets of Chicago.

The John Rawlins-directed video first finds Herbo flexing with his friend as the two count their cash in a parking lot just before engaging in what appears to be a drug deal of some sort. Unfortunately for both of them, the deal didn't go so well—it turns out it was actually an undercover sting. Within moments, Herbo's being arrested by an officer of the law, and just about everything heads south.

From there, we see Herbo smoking an L in an interrogation room, and besides the fact he's obviously comfortable enough to smoke in there, things aren't looking so good. Eventually, he finds himself rocking a strait jacket in a mental institution. Yikes.

Of course, the mental institution bit is a reference to the idea that his upbringing, which, if you've followed Herbo from the start—or, simply listened to any one of his projects— you know was pretty rough. You can bet you'll be hearing more of Herbo's crazy tales from life as a Chi-Town teen when he drops Humble Beast, his forthcoming debut album. It's supposed to be coming soon.

For now, you can check out his new video for "Crazy" below.

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