Not all young rappers are taking issue with JAY-Z's money phone line on 4:44. Not only has Chicago MC G Herbo been soaking in the wisdom from Hov's new LP, but he's also been absorbing some of the rhyming techniques on there, too.

"[JAY-Z] will flow on the beat and he'll make the beat what he wants it to be," Herbo tells XXL in the video below. "He turned the beat into his song. He transformed the whole beat. When you hear a beat, it'll transform your thoughts to try to make you be able to fit on the beat. He made the beat fit him. That just opened my mind to a whole other level on how to be an artist."

If you're a fan of Herbo, you know he's been a big Jigga supporter for a long time now. He even named the outro on his last project, Strictly 4 My Fansafter the legendary Brooklyn rapper.

"I'm a real Hov fan. I love Hov," Herbo says. "You gotta appreciate Hov's music. You gotta be able to go back and reflect on his life, shit he told you in interviews, shit he said on old albums compared to what's going on now. He dropping real gems, aside from the shit Instagram picking up, the whole racks to your ear, the shit we been knowing for years that you niggas just now wanna act like y'all picking up on because Hov said it."

After a long wait, fans are finally getting Herbo's official debut album Humble Beast on Sept. 22. The tracklist features guest appearances from Lil Uzi Vert, Bump J, Lil Yachty and more.

Watch Herbo talk about the inspiration he took from JAY-Z's 4:44 below.

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