G Herbo ran into some issues while trying to catch a flight in Phoenix, Ariz. on Friday (Jan. 18), as the Chicago rapper was held up by TSA who pulled him to the side in order to count the money stacks in his carry-on bag.

Herbo was clearly tight about the whole situation and pulled out his phone in order to record his frustrated interactions with the airport employees. In the clip, the rapper sits in a side room and vents while a man sifts through his stack of bills.

"He not counting it, he skimming through the money," Herbo says in the video. "I travel with hundreds of thousands of dollars. I travel with so much money and this never happened. Why y'all pulling me over? This probably $10,000, this not even no money. I got over 200,000 flight miles. My flight leave at 2:20, y'all bout to have me miss my flight."

It's hard to hear the agents' retorts over Herbo's clearly pissed off ramblings. "I travel with hundreds of thousands of dollars all the time and this never happened," the rapper adds. "Nobody ever had to count my money before. Why are you counting my money?"

It appears Herbo eventually caught his flight. Afterward, he addressed the situation on his Instagram Story typing, "I'm fighting cases. It prolly aint too smart for me to say fuck the police but fuck the police. XXL has reached out to Herbo's team for a comment on the situation.

Earlier this month, Herbo stopped by the XXL office to discuss fatherhood and his plans for 2019.

Check out the tense airport situation below.

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