Months after splitting up with his baby's mother Ariana Fletcher in October, G Herbo has confirmed that he's in a relationship with Taina Williams, who is Fabolous' 20-year-old step-daughter with Emily Bustamante.

In a post that was met with mixed reactions on social media, Herbo uploaded an image of himself hugging Williams on New Year's Day (Jan. 1). His caption served as a sort of written announcement. "RICH LOVESTORY❤️," wrote the former XXL Freshman.

In a separate Instagram post, Williams also confirmed the romance with a picture of herself and Herbo sharing a kiss. "Wishing you beautiful moments, treasured memories and all the blessings a heart can know," Williams captioned the pic. "Happy New Year! 💋"

While it's unclear exactly where, how and when this particular relationship came to be, diligent Herbo fans had been paying attention to his deteriorating relationship with Ariana. Apparently, Ariana believed that Herbo had cheated on her with Williams.

Ariana herself commented on her split from Herbo in a lengthy social media post she uploaded a couple weeks back on Instagram. In the post, she alleges that Williams' mother, Fab's longtime girlfriend and baby's mother, Bustamante, had reached out to her to have a "woman-to-woman conversation" only for her to allegedly lie to Herbo about what she said. She saved her most vicious words for Herbo.

“And as for Herb, stop acting like you didn’t cheat with that bitch cause you did," reads part of Williams' post. "You wanted to be like the rest of these rappers so bad and jagged your family while your son was 4 months cause you couldn’t handle me going through my postpartum. So instead of being a real nigga and helping me you escaped and started fucking hoes."

See Herbo's new picture with his new boo and Williams' photo with Herbo for yourself just below. See Fletcher's IG post directed at Herbo's new girlfriend for yourself beneath that.

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