No amount of snow was going to stop the scores of screaming G-Eazy fans from seeing the Bay Area artist on the final night of his When It’s Dark Out tour in New York City on Tuesday (Jan. 26).

Terminal 5 was littered with anxious fans ready to jump and chant along to “My Life Is a Party” and a slew of wild singles reveling in youthful abandon and controlled debauchery. They braved the cold, the disgustingly wet conditions due to the Big Apple's recent snow storm and train delays galore to watch one of their favorites perform a near two-hour set. Before his first appearance of the night, they were treated to performances from a number of high or up-and-coming talent.

First up was fellow Bay Area rising star Nef the Pharaoh. Even though the crowd was still trickling in at the beginning of his set, he commanded their attention with a rousing performance of his hit “Big Tymin.” The audience danced along as the Vallejo rapper energetically ran across the stage and danced. Marc E. Bassy took the stage following Nef, crooning his way through a number of his hits. The Los Angeles-based singer's slow jams made a number of female audience members swoon and blush, his charisma was palpable.

Although this was a G-Eazy show, A$AP Ferg was the co-headliner and a major draw for a number of concert-goers Tuesday night. In his short 40-minute set, Ferg demonstrated that not only is he an excellent performer, but also that his hits stand the test of time. Coming out in an epic Matrix-inspired fashion -- leather duster and dark shades included -- the Trap Lord went on to perform a bevy of his hits, including “Shabba,” “Dump Dump,” “Work” and “Hella Hoes.”

His set was fast-paced, due to the time constraints, and relentless. Before leading fans through a rousing A$AP chant and an "R.I.P. A$AP Yams" acknowledgement, Ferg brought out New York legends Fabolous, to perform “Lituation,” and the Lox, to perform “It’s All About the Benjamins.” The crowd remained at a constant level of hype from his introduction to his final song, “New Level.”

When the lights finally went dim announcing the beginning of G-Eazy set, the screams from his loyal fans quickly overpowered the impatient shouts demanding his presence. If you were in the back of the auditorium, your view would have been obscured thanks to the number of girls who quickly ascended on their friends or partners shoulders to get a better view of the young, handsome and rich rapper. He did not disappoint.

Whether you are a fan of G-Eazy’s music or not, you cannot deny the amount of effort he puts into performing and crafting an overall experience. The stage design was phenomenal, constructed to look like a grime-filled San Francisco street, with a dive bar, strip club and sketchy billboards. As G-Eazy ran through one hit after another, the stage changed to fit the theme of the particular song he happened to be performing; this included a bum coming on stage, two strippers dancing and the billboards changing their particular signage. It was an incredible display and made “Order More,” “Far Alone” and “Let’s Get Lost” a lot more fun to watch live.

It was a long concert, but it was filled with a number of high points that made his trip to the East Coast worth the hard work. G-Eazy and Ferg collected some solid talent to join them onstage and gave top-notch performances. They capped off their three-night Terminal 5 residency in the most lit manner, and the crowd was with them all the way. Look out for the When It’s Dark Out tour coming to a city near you. - James Elliott