Future and Zaytoven have a ton of records in the vaults. Two new interviews with Zaytoven have revealed some major details about the music he is creating with Future. In one of the conversations, the acclaimed producer stated that he's got at least 100 unreleased songs with the "March Madness" rapper.

"Ever since [Beast Mode's release], we’ve recorded numerous times," Zaytoven said. "Every time we go in the studio, we’re gonna do five, 10 songs together. But we got, I know, at least 100 songs."

Zaytoven also stated that before Beast Mode's creation, he had fallen out of touch with Future. Their reunion occurred when the Atlanta rapper called the producer and asked Zay to come to the studio. When Zay arrived, Future showed him music recorded over his beats. The two ended up making 50 songs together during that session and only got started 10 days before Beast Mode was released.

As for the mixtape's highly anticipated sequel, Zaytoven announced that it will be called Beast Mode 16 in a separate interview. He also said the project would be released through Apple Music.

"We have Future’s Beast Mode 16. We did Beast Mode already, but we’re calling this one Beast Mode 16," Zaytoven explained. "I think in July it’s supposed to be coming out. This one is more like an album. It’s going to be like an Apple Music release, so it’s not going to be just a mixtape. I’m excited about that too."

It sounds like Future is determined to drop the soundtrack for the summer with his third project of 2016.

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