An alternate version of Cardi B and Migos' Invasion of Privacy song "Drip" featuring Future and Young Thug hit the internet today (July 12).

The track, titled "Upscale," features the Super Slimey brothers spazzing alongside Quavo over the Cassius Jay beat that ultimately landed on Cardi's project. It's unclear when or why this song was recorded, or how it leaked, but we'll take it.

The beat's looped flute draws a particularly inspired stretch of whisper-rapping out of Thugga near the end of his verse.

"Yeah, I took all my old jewelry back and upgraded to baguettes/Yeah, I used to be broke but I'm rich, now I know you heard that/Yeah, I used to watch my big homie, now I know the bird dance/Yeah, now that all my niggas free, tell me where the smoke at," he spits.

For his part, Future serves a reference-heavy list of exploits involving drugs, women and foreign whips, shouting out P. Diddy and Fabo.

"More smoke than Puff/Bitch thick like buff/And I'm straight out the slum with the yayo/Snap on this shit like I'm Fabo/We got squares and bales in Clayco/All my money and cars biracial," Nayvadius raps.

Whatever the song's provenance, it's always good to hear Future and Thug together. This is their first collaboration in the wild since Jeffrey appeared on four songs on Future's Superfly soundtrack. The "Mask Off" rapper released BeastMode 2 on July 6.

Listen to Future, Young Thug and Quavo's song "Upscale" below.

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