Future continues to get spins for both the original “Same Damn Time” and the song’s remix, which features Ludacris and Diddy.

Knowing that Diddy is very selective with the tracks that he jumps on, Future loved having the hip-hop mogul help take the “Same Damn Time” remix to another level.

“Diddy brought that high energy, legendary status to the record,” Future told XXLMag.com. “He used his own approach. He had something in his chest that I felt like he wanted to say and he let it all out.”

“Boy your money, and my money ain’t the same damn kind/I can live your life and my life at the same damn time/See my ridin’ out money, that’s your buy your house money/I got that I can build a mall right by your house money, hold up,” Diddy gets on the track spitting.

Fans will remember last making waves with his memorable guest appearance on Waka Flocka’s “O Let’s Do It” remix. Although the vibe of this remix was different, Diddy’s energy was omnipresent. So much so, that Future revealed that he’ll be shooting a video for the remix with Diddy and Ludacris (at the same damn time!) in two weeks.

“That track made him say it and he wanted to express himself for hip-hop and for the fans that want Diddy to say certain things [and] he stepped down and got back into the streets on that verse because he said some of the things that you want to say and things you didn’t think he’d say,” Future said of Diddy’s guest appearance.

The 2012 XXL Freshman, who released his debut album, Pluto, last month, says the overall phrase “Same Damn Time” is something he hasn’t gone a day without hearing since the original track dropped.

“You always hear it on Twitter but as far as coming up to me, everybody does things at the same damn time naturally,” Future said. “[Whether] you’re just working, typing on the computer and on the phone, driving or texting, when you should not be doing [that], but you’re driving and on the phone. Talking and pouring a drink at the same damn time. People do that so naturally.”—Mark Lelinwalla

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