Future's set at the annual Roots Picnic was marred with sound issues leaving both the rapper and fans pissed.

The Atlanta MC performed yesterday (June 4) for a packed crowd in Philadelphia for the yearly event. But according to those in attendance, problems with the sound at the venue caused for an up an down show, ending prematurely when Hendrix left the stage.

It was turnt at first. One twitter user noted that Future was running through the hits before issues started to arise. "Future gets onstage and is jus bodying it. Hit after hit. Not even his new joints. Then? Power goes out," he posted.

After a break in the action, Future tried another go at it, but apparently the power went out again. "Power comes on and Future gets busy again. We rocking. Power goes out again and Future dips out. He had enough," the same user noted.

Another person confirmed the hiccup in further detail on the social site. "Future's mic stopped working & after 15 mins his DJ came back and started packing his shit up. Immediately ppl started throwing everything."

In one video captured of the show, people can be seen hurling bottles of water at the empty stage.

Next stop for Future is Hot 97's Summer Jam where he is set to headline. Hopefully there are no sound issues there.

Check out photos and footage from the not-so-smooth show, below.

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