Future's new self-titled album drops on Friday, Feb. 17. Today (Feb. 16), the Atlanta rapper sits down with Zane Lowe for an interview, in which the "March Madness" MC says he's making his return as Future Hendrix on the new project.

Around the 17-minute mark of the interview (which you can check out below), Zane Lowe asks, "Who are you on this record? What's the name of the album, first?" to which Future responds, "Future Hendrix. I wanted to do it right, so I want to be able to put it behind me, the whole name, and me feeding of Jimi Hendrix and just what it represents for me, someone who comes where I'm from, to just do it a different way from what was expected."

Future goes on to explain that his Future Hendrix persona is about being different from one's environment, being yourself and being comfortable in one's own skin. From dressing a little differently, to sounding a little differently or moving a certain type of way, Future says he's trying to capture the Jimi Hendrix vibe on his new project.

"Now is the time, two to three years ago they weren't ready, they wanted Future, they wanted 'Real Sisters,'" Future says. "They wanted me to be the ratchet-est and say the most disrespectful shit. And I understand that’s what music is, it makes you feel different kinds of ways."

During the interview, Future also discusses his absence from social media. "It was probably the best thing I’d ever done," he says. "I’m just not giving it attention. I want to give the music attention and be in the studio. I want to give all my attention to my music, my kids, my family so I just wanna focus on certain things besides social media."

Listen to Future's interview with Zane Lowe below. In case you missed it, XXL put together a list of Future's 20 best songs to get you ready for the new album.

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