Future's debut studio album Pluto is criminally underrated. Now, a newly launched vinyl reissue company is bringing Pluto to vinyl for the first time ever.

The company, Omerta, remastered the album (containing bangers like "Tony Montana," "Same Damn Time" and "Turn On the Lights")  for vinyl and pressed it on high end 180-gram discs. Omerta limited the album to 500 copies, which will be available through Omerta's webstore on Feb. 24.

Omerta plans to reissue two hip-hop albums per month on vinyl, from out-of-print classics to more recent mixtapes. For its first set of reissues, Omerta is dropping G Perico's Shit Don't Stop alongside the aforementioned Pluto.

The company spoke with The Fader about its new endeavor. "Hip Hop has its roots firmly in vinyl culture but in recent years the format has been left behind with the increase in digital releases and mixtapes," Omerta says. "Omerta Inc., founded in London in 2017, is born out of a love of hip hop, mixtape culture and years of collecting vinyl."

In other Future-related news, the "March Madness" rapper attended the Atlanta Falcons' 36-20 win over the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL Playoffs last weekend. Future was simply rooting for his hometown Falcons, as he recently told TMZ he wasn't trying to troll Seahawks QB Russell Wilson in any way, shape or form.


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