Last night (July 22) was one of the craziest rap events ever. Future announced earlier this week that he would be performing in select locations, for free, in promotion of his latest album, Dirty Sprite 2. Obviously Future fans—and pretty much anyone with any awareness of what’s good in hip-hop right now—set alerts on their phones for the moment Future released the name of the venue. The deal was the first 600 devoted fans to wait in line outside the Highline Ballroom in Chelsea would get a ticket. Everyone else—good luck. Incase you’ve never been to Chelsea, the posh oasis filled with high end clothing stores and really shiny office buildings was completely barricaded by police. There have been fans waiting in line since the previous night. Not to mention, everyone was smoking weed in the middle of 10th Avenue surrounded by maybe 100+ police officers. Old couples in khakis and pink polos were overheard approaching police, so confused with what happened to their quaint spot of metro-suburbia.The 600 tickets were gone before 1 p.m. Future released the name of the venue and where to wait for tickets around 11 a.m. to the public. Basically, Future took over Chelsea all day.

Getting into the venue was sh-t show in and of itself. By 10:30 the crowd had grown about 10 times, no one was getting in. However, no one seemed to notice that and everyone was enjoying themselves outside the venue regardless. Finally, a giant black van pulls up, police barricades part and the sound of a million melodic trap enthusiasts began screaming Future’s name with such passion, conviction and genuine love.

Highline Ballroom has a downstairs with tables and large couches, completely packed with ladies on one stiletto trying so hard to get that perfect gram and impeccably dressed men with enormous blunts and bass. It was exactly what you would imagine Future’s free DS2 NYC show to be.

Future managed to play almost every song off Monster, 56 Nights, Beast Mode, and of course, DS2. Dj Esco and Metro accompanied him on stage, along with the rest of his crew and Future never stopped to take a breathe. Typically, we know that when rap shows get crazy, artists do as well—losing breathe, getting’ a little sloppy—but in the best ways. Not Future. His vocals were impeccable. He was all but glowing on stage and he knew exactly what the crowd wanted. He shouted out Bobby Shmurda, all his NYC fans and everyone that has stuck with him since Dirty Sprite. If you just caught on to Future, DS2 exposes Future’s roots. Hands down, it was one of the best shows in New York City of 2015.Ellie Doh